Teacher Wishlists

Teacher Wishlists

I am OVERWHELMED (in the best way) with the response to this! Thank you guys, truly, for sending me this information. I have loved getting to know you all a bit better, and I hope we're able to get some of these items fulfilled for you :) 

This was the best way I could think to get all of the information in one place for everyone who wanted to help. 

So pour a glass of coffee, or wine, and do a little shopping if you feel so obliged. Let's #clearthelist!

P.S. To all educators reading this, if you'd like to grab anything from our boutique (the site you're on), please use code TEACHER to take a little off your purchase. It's the least I can do to thank you for everything you do! 


My name is Courtney Mathenia and I will be starting my 8th year of teaching this year, but my first year in 4th grade. I teach in downtown San Bernardino, Ca where a lot of my students cannot purchase their own supplies to bring to school, so I usually provide everything for them. Most of my students are beginning readers, and I’d love to also provide some books they can read at their level in small groups. I love my job and would appreciate any support to help my students out. 💜



Hello! My name is Amanda Acosta. I teach 10th grade World History, an ASB Advisor and I coach! I’m truly lucky to teach at an awesome school with amazing students!!
My goal with my wishlist is to build a small personal library to bring more literacy into the classroom as students read historical period books that interests them!!



I'm Katie! I teach 3rd grade and this is my 8th year of teaching. I’ve also taught 1st and 6th. I try to be an advocate for all kids and I honestly love what I do. In my opinion relationships are the most important thing about teaching and I am proud of the relationship I build with every family every year.

It is so cool that you are doing this! Even if I get nothing, I’m so grateful to people who continue to advocate for teachers. Thank you so much! We need all the help we can get!



Going into my 10th year of teaching! This year I’ll have 31 3rd graders! 💕 so excited!



Thank you so much for sharing wishlists! You don’t know how much of an impact you’re making. 🤍

I teach in North GA at a title one school. I am heading into my 2nd year teaching! I teach second grade inclusion which means I have general education students as well as special education students. I am in the process of getting my Masters from Kennesaw State. I am trying to fill my classroom with resources that all my students will benefit from!


Amanda S.

I’m a first grade teacher in San Bernardino, Ca. I’m going into my 17th year teaching but for the first time, a new grade level! I’m moving from kindergarten to first grade. The students in my school district (which is also the district I attended as a child) are all low income. My school/district/parents work really hard to get us what we need but every little bit helps.



I am a second-year 6th grade teacher in Lafayette, Indiana. I will be switching content areas from science to math, so I am needing as much support as possible stocking my classroom to best serve my students. Many of the students I serve lack accessibility to basic items and I frequently found myself grocery shopping and buying them necessities which was adding up on top of being a first-year teacher- as you know is A LOT!

Thank you for using your platform to support teachers! Every little bit helps.



I am a 5th grade dual immersion school at a low income school in Santa Ana, CA! I work with many students who are foster youth, homeless, or being targeted by gangs for recruitment. My goal is to make my classroom feel like a safe place for them to forget about what troubles them outside of school and just get to be a kid. I am trying to add some items to my classroom this year to provide more flexible seating options and am moving to a new much bigger room that is currently empty… so I’m also in need of some bookcases and new decorations!


Mr. Marrufo: 

I am a second year teacher that works in a low income community. The majority of students are first generation students with little to no resources. The school supplies will make an impact on school engagement for my diverse set of learners. Not only will this help me differentiate learning, but it will also create a positive learning experience for my students. Thank you for supporting teachers and our students. We are so grateful for any support!



My name is Kristian Lewis! I’m a kindergarten teacher in FL about to start my 6th year of teaching! I absolutely love teaching, it’s been my passion my entire life. It truly is such a magical job!



Hello! My name is Jenna Batton. I’m a 5th grade teacher who often purchases basic items for my students to kick things off and get them started on a successful educational path to a well prepared classroom. Any help is appreciated and goes a long way! Thank you in advance for your generosity 🫶🏼


Amanda G: 

Hello! My name is Amanda and I will be a first year 6th grade teacher this coming school year. I have worked in the education field for 15 years as a part time teacher tutor/limited assignment teacher. Throughout that time I never had an actual classroom of my own. I either worked in someone else’s room, a workroom or a computer lab. Now that my son is a little older (8years old) I decided that I am ready to teach full-time. I am so happy to finally have a room of my own and hope to make it a functional, comfortable, and engaging place for my students. Super excited and nervous about this new adventure.



✨HELLO BEAUTIFUL HUMANS✨ a little about me , my scholars and school!
Title 1️⃣
Charter School 🏫
Founding Teacher 👩‍🏫
Rural community 🌾
I will be teaching 3️⃣ different classes!
* 5th-6th grade art 🖼
* 6th grade reading/ELA 📖
* 5th grade social studies 🗺
All of scholars qualify for a free/reduced breakfast, lunch, and supper.
All of my scholars are; brave 🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️, hard working 💪🏻, AND full of love 💟



Hi my name is Angie Gray and I am about to go on my 10th year of teaching kindergarten. When the pandemic happened I had just had a baby and left the school I was at to go to a title1 school where most kids are either homeless or in the foster system. The past two years at this school have been the most amazing and rewarding.



I’m going into my 5th year in education. I teach 3rd grade English Language Arts and Reading at a small Northeast Texas school. This is the first year I’ve ever created a wishlist for people to donate items to my classroom. I’ve always purchased things for my students and I out of my own income but with the increase in price on everything now it’s becoming difficult. I have an hour round trip commute to my rural school so everything I would normally spend on supplies is going toward gas to get there. Every little bit doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. My students and I are truly grateful for every donation that can be made.



Hello! Mrs. Huber here. I am a second year teacher who is moving school districts and grade levels. I will teach 2nd grade this fall at a title 1 school. Most of my wishlist items are to enrich the lives of my students. I want to provide them opportunities that they may not get at home. I would be so thankful for any of your donations or well wishes for the upcoming school year!



I’m a first year teacher at 43! Finally, I’m fulfilling my dream, and I’m blessed to teach 4th grade reading in a low income, rural area, and I’m be so grateful for my list to be shared. What a blessing! 



Hello, my name is Leslie Fore and I’ve been teaching for 13 years, 12 of which have been in Prek! I LOVE Prek and giving my students fun experiences that help them learn and grow! I would greatly appreciate any donations from my Amazon wishlist! It would be such a blessing to my students and our classroom! ❤️



Hi! Thank you for helping teachers! My name is Heidi Tapec and I have been teaching 12 years. I switched schools and grade levels this year so I am in need of some updated decor and supplies. I teach in the beautiful state of Hawaii ☀️🏖🐠🌈
Here is my wish list. Thank you again!



Hello! My name is Aeriel Condra-Bogan and this will be my 7th year teaching. I will be at a new school and starting a new role as a Math Interventionist! My school is a Title 1 school located in Spartanburg SC. I will be serving several grade levels in helping students grow their math skills. I have big plans to help motivate my students as math can be daunting for many students. My wishlist contains a lot of rewards that will be placed in my classroom store. Students will earn Bogan Bucks to purchase items from our store!



I teach 3rd grade math and have been teaching at my school for 15 years i have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade all content areas, ela departments and now working with the math department



Hi! I’m a Title 1 elementary school teacher in Edgewater, Colorado. Would love to have you support my students this Amazon Prime Day, if you are able ☺️ Thanks for considering!


Melissa B: 



Hello my name is Amber! I am 26, graduated from TWU December 2021 and will be a first year teacher this upcoming school year. I will be teaching the sweetest third graders there ever was. I’m literally starting from scratch and need all the help I can get! In my free time I like to stay active, read, and binge KDramas on Netflix. I like to listen to KPop, heavy metal, rap, pop, oldies, etc. I occasionally like to jump out of an airplane as well. Thank you so much for your generosity!


Gabby & Friends: 


Here is a little bit about myself, and most importantly my students. I’m moving to 2nd grade next year! This will be my 3rd grade level and 5th year teaching. I teach on the West Side of Chicago, at a Title 1 school. All students receive free breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if they are in after school programs. Some of our students have or are currently experiencing homelessness. Unfortunately my school lost over $350,000 in funding for next year. Many of my students are unable to bring in any school supplies and often need more personal items provided for them. I would appreciate any support in creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment for my students to learn. Help me create their safe space! Thank you so so much!!!!


I am also sharing two lists for my coworkers. They both could use some items to help create their classroom environments and provide items to students.




Hi! Thank you for supporting educators! My name is Sue Robinson and I am starting a new job as a TK-5 school social worker/counselor. I am working to build a calm, safe, inclusive environment for my students this year! Thank you again, such a great idea.



My name is Jaimie and I am entering my 8th year of teaching, 13th year in education. Last year I moved from 5th grade down to kindergarten and am still working on establishing all our needs for the classroom. I would appreciate any items you could help out with!



Hi MJ! I'm not sure if you are still clearing teachers lists but I am a teacher working in a low-income neighborhood in San Diego teaching 1st grade to students who are underserved. I am switching to 1st grade this year and I really want to build a cozy and diverse classroom library to foster a love of reading!! I also need some sets of decodable books to work on basic reading skills with my small groups. There is so much I want to get for these kids but this is my top priority. Anything helps!! Thank you <3



I am a 4th year Special Education Teacher in California. I will be moving classrooms and positions from a self contained classroom to a Resource position. I am excited but nervous about the change. Any help to make my classroom feel safe and welcoming is appreciated.



I have taught for 6 years and this year I am switching roles and becoming a family and consumer sciences teacher. I would greatly appreciate any shares or help you could give! Thank you!



I am a third year teacher in Orange County, CA. I teach Kindergarten Spanish Dual immersion in a very low income community in Santa Ana. My students are the sweetest and are so resilient. The families I work with are doing the best they can with what they’ve got. I like to help educate the parents and find donations to meet the needs of my students (reusable water bottles, quality backpacks, school supplies to keep at home, hands on activities for the home to avoid using technology).









Additional links. I don't have pics for everyone but they deserve some love!

Molly: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/G2XAAH8TCBNM?ref_=wl_share

Noelle: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/25DPF0B0GGY3H?ref_=wl_share





























 Ruby C:




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