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Popper Game Board

Popper Game Board

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Super Fun 2-player Popper Game with Dice

    Countless hours of fun for everyone!  Entertain kids on the road, or in waiting rooms, this Popit Game is sure to capture the attention of anybody who plays, while also strengthening logic and thinking skills!

    • Simple but effective stress relief. Hair pullers, skin pickers and other sensory seekers may find relief from their anxiety here!
    • Pressing the mouse bubbles down yields a slight popping sound. Press them all,  then flip it over and start again! Only a discrete pop sound is heard.  Easily quiet enough for church or any other place where quiet is required. Only the user hears the soft pop of silicone.
    • Perfect for children, adults, and everyone in between!
    • Made of silicone, they have a comfortable touch